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About us

Welcome to Kingsbrook Undergraduate Medical Education--21 clerkships and subinternships for third and fourth year medical students. We are an academic affiliate of SUNY Downstate Health Science Center College of Medicine and Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. An authorized American Heart Association training site.

Sponsored programs:

Internal Medicine, PMR, Orthopedic Surgery

SUNY Downstate integrated programs:

Psychiatry, Family Medicine

General Surgery at KJMC is a participating site
for residents from Brookdale and Flushing's graduate medical training programs.

SUNY Downstate students rotate in all core and elective clerkships at KJMC:
SUNY Downstate Participating Sites


Julius Romero, MHA

Maria Paz, BSN, MBA

Chief Clinical Instructors

Teena Bajpayee, MD
Asma Khizar MD

Clinical Instructors

Nikita Maniar MD
Joseph Quiwa Jr MD
Doha Ghanim MD

Director of Research and OSCE

Michael Boulos MD

Program Advisers

Ogadinma Mcgeachy, MD
Chief, Family Medicine
Interim DME

Conrad Fischer, MD
Associate Clinical Professor,
Touro COM

Marigold Castillo, MD, FAAP
Assistant Clinical Professor,
Hofstra/ LIJ School of Medicine
Medical Director

Erik Ilyayev, MD, DABIM
Assistant DME

Niket Sonpal, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor,
Touro COM
Director, Clinical Development

Michaellene Jean-Pierre, MD
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One Brooklyn Health rotations meet initial licensure requirements in all states of the United States.
Click here for more information.

One Brooklyn Health Undergraduate Medical Education. U.S. Hospital Clinical Clerkships.
We help medical students acquire the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Core Competencies:
1. Patient Care. 2. Medical Knowledge. 3. Professionalism. 4. Systems-based Practice.
5. Practice-based Learning. 6. Interpersonal and Communication Skills.

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